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Learn English and Play Sport. We offer the unique chance to avail of professional sports coaching and english language classes at our top class locations in Dublin, London and Biarritz.

We know the value of having English as a second language and we believe that teaching through sport is one of the most effective ways to engage students while learning a language. Our programmes provide expert language teaching and coaching for a wide range of sports and activities including rugby, tennis, golf, surfing and horse riding amongst others. Our programme is focussed on providing added value in all aspects of a participant’s development and in encouraging positive life skills. We have 15 years experience in this business and are very proud of our thousands of happy participants who have validated us with all of the positive testimonials we have received.


What a fantastic thing. J loved the camp once he got into it, and it has done him a world of good. Hes made new rugby contacts all over the world. He is a good player, but he had problems with his knees for about 18 months, and the damage it did to his confidence in his game was massive, as running fast was not an option, in fact they were so bad at one point he was struggling to play at all. He has come back a different lad, as hes had to make an impression with his ability and his voice with lads he didn't know, the biggest thing holding him back has been the lack of confidence in his own ability, and since his return home, his confidence is soo much better. Mother, UK

Thanks for the camp -Summer 2018




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