With a strong network of friends and associates around the world RU-Adventure will customize your trip to suit your needs and expectations and make it really special. Offering volunteering opportunities during the course of your trip is an optional extra. This provides opportunity for immersion in local cultures and to help others in less fortunate circumstances. We pride ourselves on our strong personal relationships with our client schools which go back over ten years in many cases.

We will take the time to work with you from the concept stage to creating a bespoke itinerary tailored to suit your particular requirements.

The people you meet on the ground are our people, who live and work in the communities you will visit and you will benefit from our relationships with them.

Their local knowledge is invaluable, not only when it comes to ensuring that fixtures are evenly matched, but also in making sure that you get the most out of your experience.

We offer top training camps in different locations around the world. Most popular are France, Italy and Ireland for Rugby while Holland is a recurring favourite for both Hockey and Cricket.

Other favoured long haul destinations include South Africa, Barbados, Japan, Canada to name a few.

Our regular client list includes school such as Haberdasher Aske, St John’s Leatherhead, St Paul’s Hammersmith, Gonzaga college from Dublin, St Andrews college from Dublin and professional sports teams such as French rugby champions champion Stade Francais, European rugby champions Leinster and Munster rugby.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit ,the experience is wonderful for the boys and there are several unique aspects to the trip that really ensures that the boys get to mix well such as the short walk for meals ,the communal tidying up and the French custom of embracing meal times as a time to relax ,converse and to stay at the table. We gave controlled access only to phones and this combined with the excellent food and action itinerary meant the boys had a wonderful time and were engaged when they were meant to be and were quiet when they were meant to be !! Andrew Adams ,Vice Principal

Newpark Under 14s France,October 2018




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